Tuesday 9 August 2016

Feeling Stressed? Great Places For A Spa Break With The Girls!

It’s easy to get stressed in life when work and personal life gets on top of us. It can mean our beauty can suffer as we are more prone to get breakouts, rashes, grey hairs, and eye bags. When you are feeling stressed, it’s a good idea to spend time with your girls. You should arrange to go on a spa break with your friends so it gives you time to chill and help restore your looks. Here are some of the best places to visit for a spa break with the girls.

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Monday 8 August 2016

Always Look Your Best No Matter What The Occasion

Maybe you’re going to your prom or graduating from university. Perhaps you’re a bridesmaid at your sister’s wedding or just want to look beautiful on a first date. Our lives are full of special occasions that we want to look our best for. Not only does this fill us with confidence, but it can help us enjoy the event even more. From dying your hair to buying a new dress, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare. So much so that it can be difficult to know where to start. So if you want to feel glam and gorgeous for any occasion, here’s what you need to do.


Friday 29 July 2016

Having That Touch Of Class: What Makes An Event Live In The Memory

A touch of class is something that means different things to different people. The impression that it brings up in most minds is probably the idea that a lot of money has been spent. Expensive champagne. A top-of-the-line car. A dress that looks like it was made bespoke by a name designer. All of these are things that people associate with class. For better or worse, the word class has come to be synonymous with price.
Let's be honest about this, there is good reason that this has come to pass. Class has come to be associated with cost, because the theory goes that anyone can spend a little money, but only the few can spend a lot. But there is a flip side to this. We've all seen extremely rich people who spend a lot of money on something just because it cost a lot. How many of us think that, for example, a gold-painted Rolls Royce oozes class?
When planning an event, this is something that needs to be borne in mind as well. If you have an unlimited budget, it should be easy to plan the perfect event. But there are some events that cost a lot of money to put on and give of all the understated glamor of someone setting fire to a large pile of cash. A lot of money and glitz does not immediately denote class. Maybe some people think the Trump Tower is a wonder of architecture, but a lot more do not.

Monday 29 February 2016

Word of the Week | SYNESTHESIA

Welcome back to Word of the Week! I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having an even better Monday. 
word of the week synesthesia
Definition: the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

That sounds a bit complicated but the most common form of synesthesia is when someone sees a certain colour in response to a certain letter of the alphabet or number, such as seeing the number 5 as being green. I didn't know there was a word for this until a couple years ago but I have always associated certain colours with each day of the week. Tuesday is red, Saturday is green, Sunday is yellow... I don't know why but they just are and I can't see them any other way!

Have you experienced colour synesthesia before? Let me know in a comment and remember to check back here next Monday for a new word!


Wednesday 24 February 2016

ELLE Style Awards 2016 | Best Dressed List

Models, designers and style icons alike came together to celebrate fashion at last night's 2016 ELLE Style Awards and I loved getting to see what the celebs wore to the event. After all, what better way to flaunt your style than at a style-focused awards show?

Karlie Kloss
elle style awards 2016 karlie kloss
Karlie Kloss is just one big ray of sunshine - I absolutely love everything about her. I'm so happy she took home the award for Inspiring Woman of the Year because she definitely deserves it with all her coding work! She also looks gorg in this gown paired with a classic red lip.

Bella Hadid in Julien Macdonald

elle style awards 2016 bella hadid
I'm obsessed with Bella Hadid's signature sports luxe vibe but I'm also loving how she worked this fringed outfit! Her slicked back hair really adds that bit of edge to the look.

Jourdan Dunn in Emilio De La Morena
elle style awards 2016 jourdan dunn
Only Jourdan Dunn could pull off a look like this! Purple looks so gorgeous on her and the asymmetric design paired with the thigh high split is basically turning me into the heart eyes emoji.

Lottie Moss
elle style awards 2016 lottie moss
I'm definitely getting Miley Cyrus vibes from this outfit! It looks just like the outfit she wore to the 2015 MTV VMAs. Some may think this look is too much but I love how bold it is. What else would you expect from Kate Moss' little sis?

I've put together a little quiz on Maximum Pop so get voting for your best dressed female!

Who wins your vote for best-dressed?